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RecoverDoctor Service.


Close your eyes, inhale and imagine a place where you can feel comfortable; A place where you can bring your most precious memories, and feel safe that they are in good hands. A place where you can bring your broken laptops, clicking hard drives, frayed wires, and old clunky desktops and feel relieved that someone can retrieve your data. A place where operating systems, updates, and security programs can be installed. A place where you can extend the life of your computers by giving them the proper Over-hauls they deserve. Now you can exhale. We service all of Westchester and have been in business for over 30 years.


Specific Services include:

* Computer Repairs, Data Recovery, Virus Removal.

* Computer Maintenance, Data Backups, Security and Protection.

* Residential Computer Installation, Configuration & Training.

* Computer and Network IT Consultation for Business and Home.

* Laptop Recycling Program.

* Color Accuracy - Calibration of your monitor to show correct colors.

   Make sure colors are correct before sending out your job for printing.

Mac Repair

Here I provide a hand-holding experience and explain fully what happened to your Mac. What I am providing is a boutique style service, which entails only working on a max of 2 Mac's a week. ALL my repairs are performed with a white glove service. Each repair I work on is as though I am working on one of my own.


What we do:

• Mac Overhauls ( NOT JUST A TUNE-UP) - Complete CLONE (Back Up) of your Mac is performed before I even think about working on it. After that is done, I reformat your Mac to bring it back to where it should be in the initialization process. Then I re-install the OS from scratch. This ensures that the Operating system is installed cleanly. I DO NOT INSTALL A SYSTEM ON TOP OF AN OLDER SYSTEM! The reason being, is that the older system may have possible under lying corruption and also, this may slow down the Mac in the long run. Once I feel the OS is operating up to MY standards, I then begin installing all of your applications (programs). I then run some more test, because I LOVE to test:) When the test passes my strict codes, we begin to bring back all of your data. I TEST SOME MORE. I LOVE TESTING. After this test passes, I go through the Mac once more to make sure it is a complete plug and play experience for you when you bring it home. KEEP in mind, I am not a robot and computers are computers.... so, if there are adjustments that need to be made, I will make them for you:)

• Remote Help with Teamviewer - if you like, this is an added benefit of having me by your side, without having me physically by your side. The first 15 minute of remote in with Teamviewer is FREE. After that I have to unfortunately charge you.

• Virus removal

• System crashes and performance diagnostics

• Home and office networking

• Smartphone / mobile device syncing • Organizing photos and music


Physical set up and configuration of your desktop or laptop and peripherals

• Transfer of your data from your old computer to your new one **NOT data migration from Apple

• Configuring internet connections

• Configuring secure wireless networks

• Setting up data backups - We love showing everyone how to CLONE there Macs!

• Software installation

• File organization, including organizing pictures and music

• Basic training on your system and your software



Please do NOT plug your Mac directly into an outlet! Electricity is good for when you have lights in your house, but not so good to your Mac. Over the course of several days, months, years etc., electricity wreaks havoc on your poor little Mac. Electricity is inconsistent and comes in the form of waves that are irregular. By this simple event occurring over the course of time, you will definitely be having issues with your Mac in one shape or another.

SO, I will show you how to protect your wonderful Mac from the inconsistencies of electricity:) I hate it when no one explains this to anyone. This is the most important added protection in my opinion. WHY buy a Mac every 2 years, when you can protect the one you got:)


Color Management

Display color calibration designed for photographers, designers, creative professionals that need the highest level of color accuracy when viewing images or video on their monitor. You have probably seen a monitor side by side in a store that does not show the exact same colors. So, when you can not trust your monitor, how can you assure that the colors are correct before sending out your work to a client, a print service, or publishing it on the web. Additionally, prints do not always match your monitor. So getting that perfect image requires print after print, wasting valuable time, money and paper. But it doesn't have to be that way! The answer is, to calibrate your monitor. I will turn your uncalibrated monitor into a tuned, standardized color display, showing true to life colors with precise shadow and highlight details. Repeated calibration is necessary for all monitors since color luminescence change over time. By calibrating every 1 to 2 months, you will assure that your display is always correct. Ambient light in your studio, is also a crucial part of the color management process. I also take into consideration the ambient light in the room, by measuring the ambient light, then calibrate your monitor to the appropriate ambient light level.


SO, A calibrated display gives you much greater consistency, control, and confidence in viewing and editing images.  Calibration improves the quality of your work and lets you show the world your true colors!

Data Recovery

Comprehensive protocols to meet virtually any file recovery, hard drive recovery or disk recovery need. I am NOT a clean room! I can only perform a level 1 and 2 style data recovery. In our experience, we found that most of our clients really do not want to spend the extreme amount of money for a clean room style recovery. So, we found that most recoveries today are being performed at these lower less expensive levels.


I recover data:

Across multiple file types

From any type of laptop, desktop, server, network, or any other storage device

From any generation of drives


Data Recovery Process: From initial consultation to ongoing support, I help with any data loss situation – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic – because I offer end-to-end guidance. You are never left in the dark and wondering what I am up to. I will always have a clear line of communication open with you, so that you are comfortable with the process.


Data Recovery Services: Recover Doctor offers the perfect solution for solving any data loss problem despite the cause. I can tackle even the toughest recovery regardless of the age of operating system, file or system type, even if data is encrypted. If need be, and you are willing to spend the extra money on a higher level clean room recovery, I will recommend reputable companies that specialize in this sort of thing:)



Worried that the website you went to may have compromised your computer?? Worried that your child is seeing things they shouldn’t??


Well, lets take a breather here for a second! What you think maybe happening, sometimes isn't! I am here to dispel all the rumors and false premises. I HATE the fact that there are others out there that make Mac users nervous for no reason about the security of their OS. I will give you SIMPLE usable solutions that will work behind the scenes and NOT get in the way of your normal productive day.


I know that Security is essential especially in our time of disproportionate social media usage. So, of course I will make sure your computers are secure and safe for you and your family.


What is accomplished:

*Anti-hacking techniques

*Protection from outside attacks and privacy

*Removal of malware & spyware, including Trojan horse

*Installation of a secure browser with built in Privacy protection. Your web activity is encrypted and tunneled, your location masked and your privacy ensured.

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