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EMF Mitigation

We will do our best to get to the point here.


Nowadays, we are all becoming more and more aware of the hazards and dangers that come along with being engulfed by EMFs. We are not here to convince anyone that this invisible pollution exists, with a long winded article with a bunch of tech jargon that may confuse some (If you are like us and want to here more details about this topic, we will be providing awesome links at the bottom of this article). Instead, we are here to give you our take on EMF mitigation, an angle that you may or may have not heard before. To say the least, this connection will be an interesting one!

Where do we begin......


The natural world, including your body, produces electromagnetic fields. But these fields are low in intensity. Modern Technology produces much more intense electromagnetic fields, and these fields can cause health risks. You cannot see or hear them. But if you live where there is cell phone service or power lines, for example, you are exposed to artificial EMFs.

What Is the Range of Wavelength of Electromagnetic Waves?

At the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum are extremely low-frequency (ELF) waves. These have longer wavelengths and come from the 50- to 60-hertz power lines that feed household appliances. They can pose health risks, especially when they are close to the body for extended periods.

On the high end is radio frequency (RF) radiation. This comes from cell phones, cordless phones, mobile antennas, broadcast towers, electrical security systems and more. The higher the frequency, the greater the risk to health. For example, microwaves are very-high-frequency radiation, and they can pose a significant health risk. Many cell phone towers operate in the microwave range.

How Are Electromagnetic Waves Dangerous?

Bioelectrical signals help to regulate many processes of the human body. In fact, science suggests that every cell in your body might have its own EMF.

However, strong artificial EMFs can enter your body and interfere with the natural way your body works. This can affect virtually any system within your body, from your sleep cycles to your stress levels to the replication of your DNA. The body has never ever experienced something so foreign to itself and therefore responds as if the incoming signal was an invader (like a virus). The body then experiences all sorts of symptoms which may be hard to identify.

Within seconds the body at a cellular level recognizes the need to protect itself from attack. Unfortunately the protein coating on each cell cannot recognize EMF as our body did not evolve to recognize this unnatural signal.


As a result we may experience symptoms such as:



It is IMPERATIVE, that we get back to the Natural Frequency of the Earth!

Did you know that NASA initially developed a small Schumann resonance device, which generated a 7.8 hertz magnetic field?

This was done to help astronauts not have symptoms of nausea, changes in energy levels, immune system, etc. 

Being outside the Earth’s natural frequencies caused problems. And so it is that today, we’re bombarded with unnatural frequencies all the time. These too can lead to issues.

When people get back to Earths Natural Frequency, what do they report:

  • More relaxed and “chill”.

  • Better able to focus. 

  • Able to spend more time in front of a computer. 

  • Less tired, zapped eyes.

  • Greater energy

  • Better Quality Sleep


So, You are probably asking yourself, how do we help people get back to this natural state? 

First and foremost, we are strong believers of getting your health in good working order. Our approach is unlike the majority of these EMF specialist. We are strong believers of rebuilding your DNA with an excellent restful sleep, and then protecting the body from these EMF poisons during the day.

Your health is first -

What we do, is further ensure that your health is maintained by the process of our evaluation. Our evaluation includes:

1) Scanning

    We have toolbox of scanning device that will find all frequencies penetrating you establishment.

2) Mitigation

     a) Buffer - We believe in setting up a solution in your bedroom, that will allow you to get that restful, DNA restoring            sleep that you deserve.

     b) Enhance - We will enhance your earths natural frequency, to help you better operate in the world when you leave          the protection of your bedroom oasis. 

3) Summary

     Yup, we believe in a simple, to the point approach when it comes to this complex world of nasty frequencies. A lot          of people are coming up with there ideas of what needs to be done, and this stuff can get pretty expensive. We              want to ensure that we are efficient and cost effect in our approach. Quality is the best business plan!

Please call us for our up to date pricing and to of course pick our brains on any questions that you might have. Oh this modern world of using technology to explain your services! We prefer to speak to you over the phone, like we did in the old fashion days, to go over in detail what we have to offer.

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