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The Doctor of Recovery and Repair.

I am here to help with all of your Apple Macintosh needs. For over 30 years I have brought smiles, had coffee and supported the community. Give me a call and take a breather and experience a TRUE boutique experience, where friendships are made to last a lifetime. This is not a business only transaction! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT. We will become friends and you will feel as though a close buddy is working on your Mac. Life is too short, so lets be honest and kind to each other. I mean that!

My Experience - The short version. Trust me, you do not want the full story.

1979 - 1982                               APPLE II


Put my hands on the very first computer.  Fell in love.  Realized what I was going to go into.  How I was going to help people.

1982 - 1984                              Commodore 64


I learned and gained hands on knowledge of the inner workings of a computer.  Really led the way to my interest and my career.

1984 - 1994                    Computer Skills & Ed

Computer degrees and constant learning

I made sure I kept myself up-to-date with the latest technology and innovation from Apple.  Traveled to California, and attended many workshops.

1994                                                 DoctorMac


My brother Bill and I finally joined forces to expand the idea of DoctorMac. Out of sheer enjoyment of working on Apple products and really understanding the inner workings and passion behind the creation of Mac computers, we decided to continue the adventure.

1998                                                  Authorized


Bill, looks at me one day and says, " Lets get authorized". I say, "What are you smoking!! Steve Jobs just came back to Apple and just got rid of something like 6000 authorized shops." SO, we find ourselves on the next flight to Apple headquarters to convince some higher ups to authorize us. We came back as Apple Authorized Resellers. The full story is amazing, trust me.

1998 - 2014                   DoctorMac's Journey


What can I say, we busted our asses, made a shit load of clients happy with our Apple Authorized services, and put a tech smile on our faces each and everyday.

2014                                           RecoverDoctor

My New Life

I had a change of heart, and did not want to open a store front. Bill did and he is doing and amazing job with the DoctorMac store in Irvington, NY. I joined forces with my Naturopathic Doctor wife and am loving every minute of it. But...... as RecoverDoctor, I still continue to offer my services to my existing client base, and only to new people that are really freaking cool and have amazingly great VIBES!

Chat with me, it's FREE! If I am available, I always love to help with good old fashion upfront tech support. My life's mission is to help when and where I can with quality advice. SO go ahead and click on Let's Chat!

1988 - My Big Brother starts DoctorMac part time
Good Vibes.png
I was a good little brother and followed Bill's lead

What A Ride!

Don't Forget to CHAT.

Only an email away
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